Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to the NEW Ovarian Cancer blog

Welcome to the NEW Ovarian Cancer blog

We needed a new blog so that we can restart and move forward on providing information and help to ovarian cancer patients, survivors, caretakers and families

Someone might ask, why would a man start a blog on ovarian cancer?
The answer really is quite simple.  I had an aunt that past away from it.   By the time it was detected, it was beyond treatment and had spread throughout her body.  There was nothing that the doctors were able to do.  Statistics indicate that ovarian cancer is now the fourth major cause of death from cancer for women.  Clearly, not enough attention is being focused on this disease.
The females in my family also have a horrible ratio of ovarian problems including polycystic ovarian syndrome, my own lovely daughter included.
So it is a very relevant and important topic to me.
It is also important because of a complication that is becoming more and more prevelant among ovarian cancer survivors and that is called lymphedema.  Lymphedema is a condition of leg swelling which results from lymph node removal, damage to the lymph system from radiation or from chemotherapy. I will have a complete page of information on this complication which will include how to recognize it, treatment and outcome. 
I am a thirteen year survivor of a b-cell lymphoma and a fifty-six year hereditary lymphedema patient.
The information I want to provide involves symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, complications and I will include peer reviewed  clinical studies relating to ovarian cancer.

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